Conference on

Quadratic Forms in Chile 2018

8th -12th of january 2018

In the spirit and tradition of previous international conferences on the algebraic and arithmetic properties of quadratic forms in Chile that had been organized or promoted by Ricardo Baeza, we plan a one week Conference on Quadratic Forms (and related topics) in Talca. The conference will end with a conference dinner, where we will also take the occasion to celebrate Ricardo's 75th birthday. 

A preceeding summer school in Santiago (at the Universidad de Santiago) is planned in the week of the 2nd of january until 7th of january is planned, aimed at graduate students and young researchers. We will provide more information on it soon.


{Where and when?}
The conference will take place at the Instituto de Matemática y Física of the Universidad de Talca in Talca (260 km south of Santiago). We plan to start the event on monday after lunchthe 8th of january and we will end it with a conference dinner (cena de despertida) on friday night, the 12th of january. International flights arrive to Santiago usually in the morning, but since the commute to Talca will take about 4 hours, we recommend arriving in Santiago on sunday or before. 

The exact schedule of the preceeding summer school in Santiago, as well as courses and speakers (around the arithemtic or algebraic theory of quadratic forms) is in the process of being decided. We will update the information as soon as it is fix.

Universidad de Talca