Talks Given at the Conference

· K. BECHER, On the length  of a field.

· N. BELI, Representations of integral quadratic forms over dyadic fields.

· B. CALMES, Witt groups of schemes.

· J. P. CERRI, Questions of Euclideanity for the norm form.

· V. CHERNOUSOV, Almost-minimal  lattices of higher rank.

· R. COULANGEON,  Zeta functions of  quadratic forms and height of flat tori.

· R. DIETMANN, New results on Tartakowski's Theorem.

· A. DOLPHIN, Bilinear and differential forms under simple extensions.

· A. EARNEST, Multiplicative properties of integral binary quadratic forms

· N. ELKIES, Theta and weighted theta functions.

· L. FUKSHANSKYEffective structure theorems for quadratic spaces via height.

· S. GARIBALDI, Quadratic forms invariants under algebraic groups.

· L. GERSTEIN, The "Fermat-Legendre-Gauss-Cassels-Pfister" Theorem.

· S. GILLE, On the cohomology of Rost's cycle modules over split simple connected algebraic groups.

· Y. HIRONAKA, Local densities of  quadratic forms and applications.

· T. IBUKIYAMA, Siegel modular forms of small weight and the Witt operador.

· B. JACOB, H1(X,u(m)) when X is a conic in characteristic 2 and Witt  kernels of function fields.

· B. KAHN, Homotopical approaches to SK1 and SK2 of central simple algebras.

· N. KARPENKO, Canonical dimension  of products of Severi-Brauer varieties.

· W. KOHNEN, Representation numbers of integers by positive definite quadratic forms.

· D. KRASHEN, The u-invariant of the function field of a curve over a higher  local field via field patching.

· A. KUMAR, The E8 and the Leech lattices in the  context of energy minimization.

· A. LAGHRIBI, Hyper-Isotropy of bilinear forms in characteristic 2.

· A. LEIBAK, Some new results on additive generalizations of Voronoi Theory for number fields.

· D. LEWIS, Rings with annihilating polynomials.

· J. MARTINET, Kissing numbers and perfection relation lattices.

· A. MERKURJEV, Essential dimension of p-Groups.

· B. K. OH, Positive definite n-regular quadratic forms.

· A. PACETTI, Shimura correspondence and central values of L-series.

· R. PARIMALA, The u-invariant of function fields of p-adic curves.

· P-S. PARK, Fifteen theorem for  universal hermitian lattices.

· A. QUEGUINER, On Cassels-Pfister for algebras with involutions.

· R. SALVATI-MANNI, Vanishing at infinity of non-homogeneous theta series and codes.

· R. SCHARLAU, Martin Kneser's work on quadratic forms and algebraic groups.

· A. SCHÜRMANN, Enumerating perfect forms

· N. SEMENOV, J-invariant of linear  algebraic groups and  its applications.

· N. SKORUPPA, Theta blocks and Theta series.

· K. SNITZ, Average representation number for spinor genera.

· J. P. TIGNOL, Cohomological invariants of involutions on central simple algebras.

· G. TORNARIA, The Brandt module of ternary quadratic lattices.

· F. VALLENTIN, New upper bounds on kissing numbers from optimization with quadratic forms.

· A. VISHIK, Quadratic forms and algebraic cobordism.

· L. WALLING, Reciprocity Theorem of Gauss.

· T. WATANABE, A bound of the number of reduced Arakelov divisors of an algebraic  number field.