International Conference on The Algebraic and Arithmetic Theory of Quadratic Forms

Instituto de Matematica y Fisica

Universidad de Talca

Talca, Chile

December 11-18, 2002

Funded by Universidad de Talca, Conicyt


The focus of the conference will be the algebraic and arithmetic aspects of quadratic forms, although related areas are also welcome.

The conference will be held both at the Universidad de Talca in Talca and in Pucon, located in the lake region in the near south of Chile. Talca is a small city in the Central Valley of Chile about 260 km south of Santiago. Saturday morning the participants will travel to Pucon to resume the conference there on monday. (transportation provided).

Organizing Committee

Ricardo Baeza (U. de Talca)
Bill Jacob (UCSB)
John S. Hsia (Ohio State)
Alexander Prestel (U. Konstanz)

Conference Schedule: The conference opens (Talca) Wednesday evening December 11 and closes (Pucon) Wednesday morning December 18. As most international flights to Chile arrive in Santiago during the morning, participants should plan on a December 11 arrival (or earlier). This will allow for an arrival Talca by mid day with an opportunity to rest. A welcome dinner will be held Thursday evening, with talks beginning on Thursday morning. The conference will stop Saturday and Sunday. Formal sessions will resume in Pucon on Monday and Tuesday. A closing session will be held Wednesday morning December 18, allowing ample time for a return to Santiago (most international flights leave in the evening.) If possible, plan to arrive early or stay longer, as Chile has many exciting opportunities for a summer holiday this time of year.

Participants: To see a partial list of participants, click here.

Registration: An on-line registration form is provided for the convenience of the participants.(currently disable)

Lodging: We expect that most participants will stay in a couple of Hotel's at down town Talca. The room rate is about US$ 50 per night. The number of rooms is limited, so it is important to register early. Please contact the local organizers if you need any assitance.

Financial support: At this moment, we are  able to provide  financial support just for invited participants.

Conference fee: A conference fee of US$50 (US$35 for graduates students) for non invited participants should be paid upon arrival to Universidad de Talca.

Proceedings: It is intended to publish the proceedings of the conference.

Getting to Talca: We have made arrangements to have a bus waiting for the incomming participants at the airport.
We expect one bus to leave the airport by 11:00 AM and a van later on. Thus we encourage you to give us your arrival time in advance, so we can schedule more accurately the buses departures.
If you are not able to get on any of these buses, we advise you to do the following:
Upon arrival to Santiago's International airport, take a shuttle bus, "Tur Bus" which will get you to their own bus station and once in there walk a few steps and take a bus to Talca. (The same company operates both routes.) Once in Talca's bus station take a taxi to "Hotel Plaza" about $2000 (Chilean pesos)

Further information: All inquiries should be addressed to the conference e-mail address:

Local Organizers: R. Baeza M.I. IcazaM. O'Ryan

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