The evolution of Lucy

Lucy in Melbourne, November 2013
Me with the kids, treetop walk near Melbourne, October 2013

The evolution of Juliana

Juliana in winter, 2007
Juliana in spring, 2008
Juliana in fall, 2008
Juliana and Elisa in fall, 2008
Juliana in winter, 2008
Juliana with grandparents, December 2009
Juliana and Elisa on the Isle of Skye, June 2010
Juliana with pinecone, April 2011

The evolution of Sebastian

Sebastian and me in spring, 2006
Sebastian in Tucson in spring, 2007
Sebastian in summer, 2007
Sebastian in summer, 2008
Sebastian in fall, 2008
Sebastian with his aunt Val, December 2009
Sebastian on the Isle of Skye, June 2010
Sebastian in a tree, April 2011