Coloquio 6 de Julio 2016

TQFT in the context of homotopical algebra

Expositor: Dmitry Kaledin

Institución: Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Rusia

Jueves 28 de julio a las 16:00 hrs.
Sala de magíster.

Resumen: Topological quantum field theories (TQFTs) have been extremely useful in mathematics in the last twenty years, and they appear in areas as diverse as representation theory and algebraic geometry. However, for many applications, one needs a homological version of TQFT where one works with complexes of vector spaces instead of vector spaces, and considers the resulting structures "up to a quasiisomorphism". This presents some rather non-trivial technical difficulties. I am going to discuss the problems that appear, and present a beautiful solution to them all discovered recently by E. Balzin..

Universidad de Talca